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25+ Preschool Heart Activities for Valentine's Day

Hearts are especially fun to explore around Valentine's Day, however there are many ways to learn and craft with hearts throughout the year.  Here's a wonderful resource of 25+ Preschool Heart Crafts & Learning Activities.

Your preschooler will love these heart inspired ideas!
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preschool heart activities

Last week our Creative Preschool friends shared fun heart themed activities to do with your preschooler.  You can have a fun filled heart week by making a heart craft, creating heart art, exploring colors with no-mess heart sensory bags, playing a hearts math game and sight word game, and exploring heart shadows!

Which heart activity will you do first?

Preschool Valentine's Day Activities

And guess what, we have TONS more ways to explore hearts in your learning and play activities! Enjoy!

preschool heart learning activities
LEARN  with Hearts: 

Work on fine motor skills and patterning with a Heart Button Snake.

If you are not ready for the 100 Chart, play this Roll and Cover Heart Game for numbers 1-6 using one die or 2-12 using two dice.

My preschooler loves cutting activities!  Try this simple Broken Hearts Scissor Skills Activity.

Flip, twist, and rotate with this Heart Shape Math Puzzle.

Work on counting, sorting, and number recognition with this Valentine's Heart Hide n Seek  Game.

Valentine's Matching Game: Numbers and Letters-- fun and easy to way to reinforce preschool skills!

Alphabet Heart Letter Writing Wreath  works on letter recognition and writing skills.  You could even turn it into a Name Recognition Activity.

Washi Tape Laced Hearts is excellent to work on fine motor skills!  And it turned out adorable!

Practice counting and differentiating between like objects with this colorful I SPY Hearts Printable.

Create your own Rhyming Hearts Match up Game-- rhyming is an important pre-reading skill.

Search for hearts in this Valentine's Inspired Play Dough Math Activity.

PLAY & CREATE with Hearts
preschool heart crafts
After reading, The Day It Rained Hearts, your preschooler will delight in making this paper hearts craft .

Or you might like this Read and Play activity using the book, String of Hearts to create paper heart chains.

Design your own Heart Buddy.

Two Heart Themed Valentines Day Crafts-- love the Heart Glasses! 

Book corner Origami Hearts make for adorable bookmarks!

Try this quick and fun Valentine Heart Drawing Prompt.

Boys and girls will love this Cupid's Arrow Headband Craft!

Use hearts, big and small to make this sweet Heart Flower Kid's Craft  or your children will love being creative and making various Valentine's Day Crafts using Heart Shapes-- how about a caterpillar or snake?!

Get your toddler involved with this fun process art Heart Collage.

Play several games of Tic Tac Toe with these Heart Inspired Game Pieces!  My preschooler loves Tic Tac Toe! 

Be inspired to find hearts all around you in this unique Spy a Heart Challenge.

Create a cute Heart Mosaic using foam heart stickers.
25+ Preschool Heart Crafts and Activities

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