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Observe & Sketch the Weather: Printable Calendar for Kids

The Creative Preschool team is sharing Weather related preschool activities with you today.  Help bring out the inner meteorologist in your preschooler with our Sketch the Weather Calendar.  Our weather calendar printable can be used for any month and is a great way to engage your preschooler in various weather related learning activities. 

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preschool weather theme

What you need:

  • markers/ crayons
  • weather calendar printable

Preschool Weather Theme

Talking about the weather is so easy to do!  Our weather calendar goes beyond just talking about the weather to actually recording it with drawings.  For each day of the month {or when you remember}, draw a picture to represent the weather for that day.  

Encourage your child to be as elaborate or simple as he/she wishes with their drawings.  Talk about the symbols that could represent the type of weather you may experience-- clouds for a cloudy day, sun for sunny day, rain drops for rainy day, etc.

Little Sis has loved filing out her calendar and has even at the most random of times remembered that we hadn't filled it out yet!  Our weather calendar is also a great way to talk about he months of the year, days of the week, numbers, etc!

preschool weather printable

Just print out the calendar, fill in the month and date, and start recording the weather!  
p.s. Here's a little tip!  I wrote the month and dates with a highlighter so that little sis could also practice her writing skills! 
p.s.s  You could also laminate our printable to be re-used each month!

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Download your Sketch the Weather Calendar here!
Thanks to Elk11 for the beautiful Sketchy Weather Images!

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