Letter J Craft


Making alphabet crafts are a fun, hands-on way to teach the ABCs to your preschooler and/or kindergartener. We have been sharing various crafts for each letter, and today here is a craft for the letter j.  This low-prep letter j craft uses two materials.  Enjoy making your own J is for Jewels letter craft. 

letter J craft
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Alphabet crafts are great for visual and tactile learners.  Being able to create a craft based on the letters sound is a fun, hands-on way to aid letter identification and phonemic awareness.   

Just looking at the crafted letter will help them remember the sound the letter makes as your child says the word.

For the letter j craft covered in jewels, your child will make the connection that 'jewels' begins with the /j/ sound.  Your child can then think of other words that begin with /j/ and more ''hooks'' are being formed. 

Letter J Craft

My princess and sparkles loving girl was in her glory adding jewels to our letter J craft!  Other letter j crafts could be turning the letter j into a jaguar or jellyfish, or covering it in jelly beans.


J is for Jewels Letter Craft

This was probably the simplest alphabet craft we have done as all you need is construction paper, jewels, and glue.  Grab a packet of jewels at the craft store next time you are out and about!

To make this j is for jewels letter craft, I drew out a letter J on construction paper and had my daughter  glue jewels all over the letter J!

j is for jewels craft

Once my preschooler was finished adding jewels, I cut the letter J out and have since added it to the rest of our alphabet crafts!

This letter j craft was also great for fine motor skills!  My preschooler had to manipulate jewels big and small, and squeeze the glue bottle to make the jewels stick to the paper!  

Yay! for letter recognition AND fine motor skills in this alphabet craft!

Letter craft for letter j - j is for jewels

This Letter J Craft was simple, yet fun for my sparkle-loving girl!  It would make a fun addition to your princess and knights learning theme or as a highlight to your Letter of the Week J Activities!