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Fine Motor Skills Clothespin Caterpillar Game Kids Will Love

The development of fine motor skills amongst our littles is so so important.  The coordination, strength, dexterity of the fingers and hand  are important for many skills later in your child's development-- especially writing!  

Today our Hungry Caterpillar Fine Motor Game builds on those important fine motor skills and can be used to reinforce colors and other math skills.

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fine motor skills game using clothespins

To make your own Hungry Caterpillar Game, you'll need:

Fun Fine Motor Game for Kids

First, you will need to prep your pom pom caterpillars.  Each player will need a caterpillar, so grab that many clothespins.  

Hot glue five colored pom poms on each clothespin-- one color per clothespin.  

Twist black pipe cleaner antennae in the opening of the clothespin-- cut off the excess to use for the next antennae.  

Hot glue two googly eyes on each pom pom caterpillar.  

Make sure everything is glued on, and your are ready to play!

fine motor skills clothespin caterpillar game

There are a couple ways to play:
1. Have each player collect the same colored pom poms as his/her caterpillar.
2.  Have each player grab as many pom poms with their clothespin caterpillar; whoever grabs the most wins.
3. Add a die, and grab that many pom poms to add in some counting skills and number recognition.  Whoever has the most pom poms, wins!

This game reminds me of the game, Hungry Hungry Hippos but without the noise!

fine motor skills clothespin game

Or, make up your own game using our Hungry Caterpillars!

However, the point is to work on those fine motor skills, so encourage your child to work on his/her pincer grasp with our colorful pom pom clothespin caterpillars any way they choose!

.... But we love learning by playing games around here : )

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