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Letter H Hearts Craft

Teach your toddler or preschooler the Letter H with this simple Heart Craft! Such a fun way to learn the ABC's!

If you are teaching your toddler or preschooler about the Letter H soon, here's a simple alphabet craft to do at home!  

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, we chose to do a heart themed alphabet craft-- H is for Hearts!  

H is for Hearts is a great alphabet craft if you are exploring shapes, too!

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letter h is for hearts craft

Letter H Craft

What you need for Letter H Craft:

H is for Hearts

Draw a Letter H on a piece of computer or construction paper using a marker.

Talk with your child about the sound the Letter H makes and name some things that begin with the letter H.  Point out that Hearts begins with the /h/ sound.

Give your child some glue and encourage him/her to fill up the Letter H with the glitter hearts.

Once it is finished, cut it out and glue to another piece of construction paper and hang it somewhere your child can see it to remind him/her of the Letter H!

H is for Hearts Craft

We added our Letter H alphabet craft to our school room wall, where it joined all the other alphabet crafts we have completed!

And we are almost finished with our alphabet crafts!

H is for Hearts Craft - Letter of the Week

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