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When I Grow Up Flashcards & 3 Ways to Play

Our latest Creative Preschool theme was When I Grow Up and while my preschooler has no clue what she would like to do when she grows up, it was a fun theme to explore!  

After reading a few books, we played a few different games with our set of When I Grow Up Printable Flashcards.
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learning about jobs in preschool

After printing out the When I Grow Up flashcards, laminate them for durability {I love our Scotch Laminator}.  

Preschool Occupations Theme

Show your child the different occupations he/she could have when they grow up and then play one of these games... or all three!

When I Grow Up Object Match

Fill up a tray with different objects for each occupation.  Lay out the cards and have your child match the object to the correct flashcard.

preschool when I grow up theme

preschool occupations theme

When I Grow Up Taboo

Draw a card and either act out the occupation to the other player or give him/her word clues without saying the word and have the other player guess the correct occupation.

This is a great way to expand language and vocabulary... and act a little bit silly!

preschool occupations flashcards

 When I Grow Up Memory

Print out two sets of our When I Grow Up Flashcards and play an old fashioned game of memory.
When I Grow Up Preschool Flashcards

Does your child know what he/ she wants to be when they grow up?

Can you think of some other ways to use these When I Grow Up Flashcards?

Have fun talking about different occupations with our printable When I Grow Up Flashcards Set {set includes 24 different occupations-- while not all inclusive, definitely a good introduction!} and reading these books:

Clipart found at Art4Apps.

Then take a peek at these fun and playful When I Grow Up Preschool Activities: