Hands-on Way to Learn Letter Sounds using Toobs


We have done a number of alphabet/ letter recognition activities with Little Sis but recently, with our stash of Toobs, I set up an activity for Little Sis to work on letter sounds.  

She knows almost all of her letters and some letter sounds, but I set up this activity to reinforce what she already knows and to encourage her to learn the sounds of letters she does not have memorized.  

It turned out to be a simple, fun, and hands-on way to learn letter sounds!

preschool letter sounds game

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What you need:

  • letter manipulatives
  • A set or more of Safari, Inc. Toobs

Preschool Literacy Game

I grabbed our letter manipulatives I picked up at the Dollar Store and various Toob sets.

We have Safari, Inc. Rainforest Toob, Arctic Toob, Baby Zoo Animals, Around the World Toob,Coral Reef Toob, and Knights and Dragons Toob.

Toobs are great for pretend play like our Ocean Sensory Experience or to use as hands-on manipulatives for this activity to work on letter sounds.

preschool beginning sounds literacy activity

 I placed six Toob toys onto a tray while naming them for Little sis.

In a bowl I provided letter manipulatives that matched the beginning letter sound to one of the Toob toys.

Once she pulled out a letter I asked her is she knew what letter sound it made-- she would either make the sound herself or I would tell her if she didn't know.

Then I would say what the name of each toy on the tray again to see if she could pick out the toy that begins with that letter sound.

This was a fun hands-on way to learn letter sounds and it was so simple to put together, I am sure we'll visit it again.

Beginning Sounds Literacy Game

It was a great way to engage Little Sis in learning an important literacy skill and have some one-on-one time with her.

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