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Jumping Frogs Math Game

Who knew you could have so much fun practicing math with plastic frogs and a hundreds chart!!  From number recognition to adding double-digit numbers, this frog math game is sure to bring lots of laughs and friendly competition.  

frog math game

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To play you'll need:


To play, lay out your hundreds board math mat on the floor.

Grab two or three plastic frogs for each player.  

Have each player press down and release on each plastic frog to make it jump onto the hundreds board.  Have your child write the number the frog landed on and release another frog onto the 100s board.

Once each frog has 'jumped' onto the hundreds board, add the numbers together.

The player with the largest sum, wins!

jumping frogs math game

Here are some other fun frog math games you can explore with jumping frogs:

  • highest number/ lowest number
  • odd/ even numbers
  • finding the average of two or three frogs
  • add 10 more, 10 less

So many ways to change up this game to your child's ability!!