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Counting Coins Money Game: 3 Ways to Play!

Teach your preschooler about coins and coin value with this fun grid game!  Grab some coins and enjoy three different money games to play using this Counting Coins Grid Game!  Have fun filling up each piggy bank!

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fun money game for kids

What you need:

Fun Money Game for Kids

Print out a grid game for each player.  Cut out the game board and glue a piece of construction paper on the back {optional}.

Laminate for durability.

Grab your toy money set  {we've gotten a lot of use out of our Melissa and Doug Play Money Set} .

money game printable

Now choose one of the three ways below to play the counting coins grid game, or make up our own game!

Counting Coins Grid Game: 3 Ways to Play!!

  • Roll a die with a different coin on each side.  Place that coin onto a square.  Continue filling up the grid.  Player with the most money wins!   To prep this game, you'll need a block and double-sided tape to make your die.
  • Using coin manipulative of your choice, roll a number die and fill that many squares with the coin.  First player to complete the grid, wins!
  • Use the game board to play, Tic Tac Toe with coins!

Download your Piggy Bank Grid Game and play!

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