Ladybug Addition Games Printable


Count and add ladybug spots in this fun addition games printable activity!  This printable is great for visual learners as your Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade child will be able to see how addition works by combining two numbers to make a larger number!

addition games printable

Looking for a hands-on addition activity for Kindergarten, 1st, and/or 2nd grade?  Teach your child how addition works with our ladybug themed math game printable.  

Your child will love this fun roll & add dice game.

By rolling the dice and making ladybug spots for each numeral, your child will see how addition is combining two numbers to get a larger number. 

We love simple math activities!
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Addition Games Printable

You'll also need:

addition games printable

Addition Game Directions:

To play, your child will need a copy of our ladybug addition printable, a pair of dice, a writing utensil, black paint in a cup, and a q-tip.

Your child will roll the die two times for each ladybug.  If your child is beyond adding numbers through six, perhaps make a pair of dice from foam or wooden blocks and write your own numbers on each face of the dice, OR use 8-sided dice.

For each roll, your child will add that many black spots using the q-tip and paint to one side of the ladybug.

Your child {or you} may write the number rolled underneath the ladybug to "see" the math problem.  

Once each side of the ladybug has dots, add the dots to get the sum!

ladybug spots addition games printable

This addition games printable is a perfect way to practice those math facts-- especially for visual learners!

** Alternatively, another way to use this addition games printable is to laminate or place this printable in a page protector and use a dry erase marker to draw on the ladybug spots.  Thus, this printable can be re-used over and over again!

This addition game is:


works on fine motor skills!

great for visual learners!


reinforces number sense!


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