Roman Numerals Printable Memory Game


My kiddos love playing games!  And why not, learn a new concept, too?  Have fun learning about Roman Numerals with this cute airplane themed Roman Numerals Memory Game.  

Add it to your week rowing The Glorious Flight, when your math program introduces roman numerals, or just because!  

Roman Numerals printable game
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For Big Brother's 4K and 5K year, we enjoyed learning with Five in a Row.  Fast forward and he's just shy of turning 9!! {sniff, sniff}, so we teamed up with our Early Elementary Blogging Friends to revisit The Glorious Flight for this week's Transportation Theme.

Roman Numerals Printable 

The Glorious Flight is a fictional story inspired by a true event.  The story documents Papa Bleriot's attempts at building a flying aircraft and being the first to fly over the English Channel.  It took Papa Bleriot six attempts to building a aircraft that would take flight; each airplane was numbered with a Roman Numeral: Bleriot I, Bleriot II, etc.  

Thus, this story was a great time to introduce Roman Numerals.

We've talked about Roman Numerals before during our detailed row of The Glorious Flight, and also just through being aware of text while reading.  However,.....

Roman Numerals Printable

Games make learning/ reinforcing a concepts way more fun!!

To set up this Roman Numerals Matching Game, you'll need:

Roman Numerals Printable Game

First print out your Roman Numerals Matching Game Cards.

Laminate them for durability.

Cut out each card and then cut each card in half again-- thus creating the matching pair.

roman numerals printable game

How to play Roman Numerals Memory Game

Set up the game just like a regular game of memory by laying the cards face down in front of you.

Player 1 flips over two cards.  If they match, he/she keeps the cards, if not, simply turn over the cards and Player 2 takes a turn.

Continue playing until all the cards have been matched up.

Each card has an airplane in the middle, which allows for an element of self correction.  So for those that do not yet know Roman Numerals 1-10, just put the cards together to see the the airplane matches.

If it does, it's a match.  If not, try again!

Roman Numerals Matching Math Game

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