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Printable Grammar Game: Superhero Contractions Memory

Introduce and/or reinforce contractions with your child with our Superhero Themed Contractions Memory Game!
Fun grammar game introducing contractions!
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Learning grammar concepts doesn't have to be boring! Bring it to life with a hands-on game such as memory!

Fun Grammar Game

To set up the game:
  • print out our Superhero Contractions Memory Game (see below).
  • cut out each set of cards and glue them to a piece of construction paper.
  • cut them out again and place in a laminating pouch
  • laminate for durability.  
  • cut again and you're finally ready to play!
I added an element of self correction on each card for those students who may not yet know the contractions by heart.

contractions grammar game

To play:

Place the cards face down.

Player A goes first and chooses two cards, if they match the player gets to keep the cards, if they do not, the cards are to be turned back over and the next player goes.

Continue playing until all the cards have been matched.

contractions grammar game

Click the link to download the Superhero Contractions Memory Game!

Have fun!

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