Water Lily Paper Craft


One (of the many) aspect of homeschooling that I love is that I get to learn alongside my kiddos.  Sometimes I am learning things for the first time as they are-- and for those things I may already know, it just deepens my appreciation and understanding.

Art is one of those things.

Today we are sharing our craft project re-creating Claude Monet's famous water lily art.

water lily paper craft
Big Brother was away at camp all last week and it felt oh so strange to only have three children to tend too!  Having three littles had its own challenges, but man-- three children was a breeze!  We filled our days with a lot of time at the park, having picnic lunches, and doing a few crafts.

One craft project I did with my 3 and 5 year old was to re-create a piece of art by famous artist, Claude Monet.

I put my littles to work ripping paper and creating their own water lily masterpiece.

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Monet Water Lily Craft

Claude Monet was a famous Impressionist artist; he loved painting the effects that light had on an object.

Big Brother read, "Who Was Claude Monet" not too long ago, and his life story was quite fascinating!

One of the most well-known pieces by Claude Monet was his Water Lilies Painting.

Monet Water Lily Craft

My kiddos had a great time working on those fine motor skills to create their own water lily garden by tearing paper into strips-- long, short, skinny, and fat.


Prep the materials for this water lily craft by supplying white, pink, green, blue, and purple construction paper.

tear paper water lily craft

Give your child a piece of construction paper for the background and have your children tear the other colors of paper into strips and glue them to the paper to create the water background scene.

We used blues and green to create the water.

Monet Water Lily craft

Once your child is happy with their water scene, have your child rip a piece of green construction paper into a circle as best he/she can.

Glue it on the water scene-- this will be a lily pad.

Even I found making a circle a bit challenging, my tip to you would be to start big and try your best to rip the paper into a circle, but they looked more like rectangles.

Next, add a cupcake liner to the lily pad and add a small crumbled piece of pink paper to the middle for the finishing touch of the lily pad.

Monet Water Lily Craft

Don't forget to read a few books inspired by Claude Monet's waterlily masterpiece!  You might like:

Your little one will love his/her completed water lily masterpiece!  It may not end up in a museum, but I am sure the refrigerator or the school room wall will do!  

water lily paper craft

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