Apple Themed Writing Tray for Preschoolers


All things fall are making their way into stores and it is a bittersweet feeling-- I love the colors, changing leaves, fall foods, etc.  On the other hand, that means summer is over {Boo!}

However, to look at this situation with a "glass half-full" mentality, I am thinking of activities I love to do in the fall.  One of my favorite fall activites is going to the apple orchard to pick apples!  There's just a few more weeks before we can actually do that, so while we wait, we've been reading How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World and doing some fun apple themed learning activities. 

One is this delightful applesauce writing tray! 

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preschool apple theme activity

Setting up creative writing trays are a great way to encourage new and reluctant writers to practice writing letters and words.  And it is a fun way to sneak in strengthening those all-important fine motor muscles! 

An apple theme makes any learning activity fun, so try this creative apple activity using applesauce!  Your child will love this unique sensory experience as he/she practices making lines, letters, shapes, numbers, etc. in applesauce!  Whoever said "Don't play with your food" certainly hasn't tried this apple activity! Ha!!

Apple Preschool Activity


Apple Theme Writing Tray

I was picking up just a couple of food items at a local store and happened upon this circular red platter.  It would make a great apple, I thought! 

I taped a brown rectangle for the stem and a leaf-like shape from green foam to the back of the platter.

I added a couple small pre-packaged cups of applesauce to the platter and our writing tray was ready to go!

apple theme writing tray

I set out glass gems around the apple that had a letter on each of them, but Little Sis preferred just writing her own letters and/or letters I called out.  However, you could simply encourage your child to make shapes, lines, and/or numbers, too!  It's playful learning at its best!

She loved it and it smelled {and tasted} delicious!

apple theme activity for preschoolers

  Afterward, grab a spoon and dig in!  No need to let the applesauce go to waste!

Will you be heading to the apple orchard in the next few weeks?  Until then, enjoy this applesauce writing tray.... it is delightful!

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Apples, leaves, and pumpkins OH MY!

From applsauce oobleck to leafy names to pumpkin hopping.... your preschooler will have fun learning and playing!!