FUN Sidewalk Chalk Word Ladder


Little Sis is beginning her Kindergarten year, and with that comes learning how to read!

Although I've already been through this with Big Brother, it's a nerve-wracking feeling to do it again!

We are still working through some of the letter sounds, but every now and then I like to challenge her to see just how much she knows by having her sound out and read simple CVC words.

fun reading activity for kids

One way to work on CVC words is by teaching word families.

Word families are groups of words that contain a similar pattern.

Over at 123Homeschool4Me I am sharing a fun word family activity that you can do outside!  It is a great hands-on activity for your visual and kinesthetic learners, but I think it'll be winner amongst all your kiddos learning how to read!

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reading word families

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