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Letter Y Yarn Craft

Teach your toddler or preschooler all about the Letter Y with this fun Y is for Yarn Letter Craft!   Letter crafts are such an awesome hands-on way to learn the ABC's! 

If you search through our school room closet, you'll find a whole box of colorful yarn.  You might even think that I know a thing or two about sewing and the like, but truthfully, I know nada- zip- zilch!  It is solely for crafting purposes.

We've made yarn wrapped rainbows.

Colorful tulips.

Red, white, and pink hearts.

And, our latest alphabet craft.  Y is for Yarn.

Letter Y Craft

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Letter Y Craft

Last fall I set out on a mission to craft each letter of the alphabet for Little Sis's preschool year.  Here we are nearing a year later, and we aren't quite done yet! Well-- we had good intentions, but I am slowly learning you have to be flexible.

Some days the kids just aren't interested.  Some days I am lacking inspiration. Some days our whole day is busy with errands.  You know, life happens.

But I am committed to finishing this alphabet project! We've been crafting the letters in random order; recently we did the letter Y.  Y is for Yarn.

This is where having a box of yarn comes in handy!

We were inspired by String Letters activity found in a recently launched early education book. It has been reprinted with permission from the publisher from the book, 100 FUN & EASY LEARNING GAMES FOR KIDS. I received a free copy from the publisher.

Letter Y Yarn Craft

To make your own Y is for Yarn alphabet craft, you'll need:
1. Cut yarn into pieces of various lengths.

letter Y preschool craft

2. Lay out wax paper on a smooth surface for letters to dry on. Draw the Letter Y on the wax paper to provide a template for your child to follow.

3. Have children dip yarn pieces into a container filled with glue and then shape wet yarn into letter formations on the wax paper.

letter Y craft

4. Allow yarn to completely dry, then you should be able to peel the letter off the wax paper.

Letter Y Craft

For more ways to use this activity, make sure to check out the book 100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids!

Our letter Y has joined the rest of the letters we have crafted thus far, taking its place right before our Z is for Zebra craft.

Letter Y Craft

Our mission is coming to an end-- just a few more letters; Q, T, X and W.  Hopefully inspiration will strike soon and we'll be able to add those letters to our alphabet wall sooner than later.

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