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10 Black Dots Counting Printable

Have fun counting to 10 with this fun, hands-on printable inspired by the storybook, 10 Black Dots!

Practicing counting skills with little ones can be so fun-- from silly rhymes to counting toys to reading books, there are so many ways to make counting playful and hands-on!

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On our latest library trip, we recently picked up the counting book, 10 Black Dots.  The cover alone inspired us to create a simple fine motor math activity for my kiddos to do after we read through the book!

fun preschool counting printable

Ya know, ever since our time with Five in A Row Literature Based Curriculum, I love extending a storybook through some type of craft and/or learning activity!

 If you browse through the blog, I am sure you will find lots of fun go along activities for all kind of storybooks from If you Give A Cat A Cupcake to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to Put Me in the Zoo.

After reading 10 Black Dots with your child, present them with this free counting printable to practice counting numbers 1-10.

10 Black Dots Printable


Using the tip of the q-tip, your child will make correct amount of dots in each number.

This is a great way to work on counting skills, 1:1 correspondence, and number recognition.

number sense counting printable

Using a q-tip to make the dots is a wonderful way to sneak in some fine motor skills practice!

Have your child begin with making one dot in the number 1, two dots in the number 2, three dots in the number 3, and so on!

fun fine motor counting printable

Such a fun a simple way to practice counting to 10!

To practice counting to 10 with 10 Black Dots, click the link to download your free printable! Enjoy!
*for personal use only.
*do not alter, distribute, copy, sell printable as your own.
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