Pumpkin Patch Number Craft & Activity


Teach counting skills to your toddlers and preschoolers using their fingerprints!  It's number craft is perfect for fall as your child will be counting and creating a pumpkin patch using his/ her fingerprints!  So cute! 

Preschool Counting Activity

Little fingerprints make great apples, fish bubbles, .... and pumpkins! 

Our latest fingerprint math activity turned those sweet fingerprints into bright orange pumpkins in this simple counting activity.
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Number Craft

I have containers and containers of manipulatives, but sometimes using something on hand {literally} is a fun change!

Fingerprint activities are always a hit around here; I think my kiddos love the chance of getting a bit messy : )  Prior to this activity we had some more counting fun with a halloween edition of our Rings on Fingers activity.

Pumpkin Patch Number Craft


Make your pumpkin patch using a sheet of construction paper

Begin setting up the activity by folding a piece of construction paper into thirds and then in half to create six squares.

Since this activity was for Little Brother (3), I chose to focus on numbers 1-6.

At the top of each square I wrote a "____ pumpkins."  With a pen I added some vines.

pumpkin number craft

Little Brother and I counted to six and I told him that he was going to make some pumpkins!

We found the number one and he made one pumpkin with his fingerprint.

Next, two pumpkins in the "2 pumpkins" pumpkin patch.

Three fingerprint pumpkins.... and so on!

Pumpkin Patch Number Craft

This activity is adaptable for kiddos learning larger numbers, too!

Have fun sneaking in some math skills like counting, number recognition, and 1:1 correspondence with this pumpkin patch number craft & counting activity!

Alternatively, if your toddler or preschooler rather not use their fingerprints, use a paintbrush and practice making circles, instead!  Or use stickers or a cork turned into a stamp.

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Apples, leaves, and pumpkins OH MY!

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