Invitation to Create: Christmas Tree Craft for Kids


Kids of all ages will love this open-ended "Decorate a Christmas Tree Craft!" It's a fun way to sneak in fine motor skills as your child will work on scissor skills, practice gluing, wrapping string, and more!  Set out this creative Christmas tree paper craft for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary kiddos this holiday season!

Decorate A Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

My kiddos love a chance to create!  So why work on strengthening those fine motor skills while creating an adorable Christmas tree craft? 

Sounds like a winning activity to me!

Our recent Christmas Tree Craft is full of opportunities for your child to work on finger dexterity, pinching, grasping, cutting, etc!  It's a great way to sneak in fine motor skills!

Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

My 5 and 3 year old LOVED this activity!   They loved the process of trimming and decorating this easy Christmas Tree Craft!  From using scissors to glue to sequins, they were in their glory!

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christmas tree craft for kids

Invitation to Create - Decorate A Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

The idea is simple-- encourage your child to decorate his/ her own Christmas tree!

Present the materials to your child along with a large green triangle that is to be the Christmas tree.

Provide a serving tray or small bowls filled with various craft materials.  You could add pom poms, stickers, gift bows, and more to your supply list if you choose.  The materials to use for this activity are endless!

My children were delighted with this open-ended task as they were free to choose whatever materials they wished to use for this Christmas Tree Craft!

Before digging into the decorations, your child will need to use scissors to "trim the tree" (aka make slits around the edges of the triangle.

This is where your child will get practice using scissors.  Encourage your child to make small little snips along the long sides of the triangle.

trimming the tree christmas tree craft for kids

After the tree has been snipped, next comes the garland.  

Using ribbon, sparkly string, yarn, etc. encourage your child to pinch the ribbon and wrap it around the tree, making sure to wiggle the ribbon into the snips they just cut with scissors; this will help keep the garland in place.

Adding garland to christmas tree craft for kids

Now it is time to add Christmas tree decorations!

Your little one & big ones will work those small fine motor muscles as he/she decorates the tree with sequins and glue.

Other decorative materials could be:

  • stickers
  • buttons
  • pom poms
  • q-tip & paint

decorating christmas tree craft kids

Once your tree has been decorated, don't forget to add a star on top!

Either provide your child with a pre-cut star, or make this another opportunity to sneak in fine motor development by having your child cut out a star with scissors!


So much cutting, wrapping, pinching, pasting, and more involved in this easy Christmas Tree Craft!

I just love how the Christmas trees turned out!  My 5 year old did the tree on the left, and my 3 year old surprised me with his scissor skills and created the tree on the left.

Invitation to Create - christmas tree craft for kids

To display your child's Christmas Tree Craft, I love the idea of using a painted paper tube trunk used by The Best Ideas for Kids for their Christmas Tree Outline Craft!

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As we head into this busy holiday season, make time to allow for creative craft time for your kids like this adorable Christmas tree craft!

Christmas Tree Craft


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