Where I Live Geography Nesting Blocks


Use this Where I Live Nesting Cups activity to help young kids understand their place in the world.

Little Sis recently created a simple lapbook about the state she lived in, so to expose her to the "bigger" picture, we re-visited the a classic activity to go along with the book, Me on the Map.

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fun preschool geography me on the map activity

When Big Brother was about her age, we created a Me on the Map flip book.  Keeping the same idea, we brought out our toy nesting cups to re-create the flip book version.

Me on the Map Activity


Stack your way through where you live with nesting cups.  Begin with the world, and stack your continent, country, state, and town on top of one another.

You could also add a picture of your house and/or have your child draw a picture of his/her room.

I was able to find all the clip art I needed from clker.com for our geography nesting blocks, but you might also be able to find stickers or write on the nesting cups with a dry erase marker.

where I live geography lesson

I searched for the clip art I needed and saved the images to my computer.  I then opened a Word document to re-size my photos.  

For the image of our town, I used a picture from google maps.

Next, I cut out each image and taped it onto one of the nesting cups.  

fun geography lesson for young kids

I placed a picture of the world on the largest nesting block, then continued with our continent, country, state, and town.

My kiddos played with this after breakfast one morning.  It was fun to build up the tower and to take it down-- all the while explaining where we live.  Sneaky learning at its finest! ha!

where I live nesting blocks lesson activity

These geography nesting cups are a great visual of one's place in the world, and how their town is part of a larger unit-- a state.  Thus the state you live in is part of a country.  The country you live in is one of the seven continents, and the continents make up our world.