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St. Patrick's Pot of Gold Rainbow Craft

A couple of days of random spring like weather, put me in a mood to set up some rainbow crafts with the kids.

Think spring with me!

Maybe if we all craft enough rainbows and flowers and other spring-y things, warmer weather will come....  now.

St. Patrick's Day rainbow craft
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This Pot of Gold Tissue Paper Rainbow craft is an easy way to add some color to your refrigerator or wherever you choose to display your child's artwork. 

Gather the kiddos and work on fine motor skills as you create a colorful tissue paper rainbow.


Rainbow Craft for Kids

Prep the activity by cutting small squares of colored tissue paper to make the rainbow.

Lay out the tissue paper squares, glue, and Pot of Gold printable template and invite your kiddos over to create a rainbow.

tissue paper rainbow craft for kids 

The rainbow has rays for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple-- however, most likely you won't have those colors in a pack of tissue paper.  So!  You'll need to figure out what colors you would like to double up.

We did two rays of red and a light blue and a dark blue ray.

Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft

Once you have figured out the colors you will use for your rainbow and how many streaks of each color, add some glue to the printable.

Then begin pinching and scrunching the tissue paper and place it on the glue.

Continue until the rainbow is complete with scrunched tissue paper.

St. Patrick's day rainbow craft

After your Pot of Gold Rainbow craft is finished, you could cut it out and glue it on another piece of construction paper.

Or, it would be cute to add your child's name by writing, "____'s Pot of Gold" in the top corner.

Hope you have fun scrunching away with this colorful rainbow craft!

>> Printable Pot of Gold Template<<

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