Counting Mini Eraser Rabbits Ten Frame Math Activity


Made a trip to Target recently and I just love how they conveniently situate the Dollar Spot right  in the front; never mind that I know exactly what side that spot is in when I pull into the parking lot and always park over there!

As I dug through the bins, I found these oh so cute mini eraser bunnies.  Mini erasers make great hands-on math manipulatives and/or manipulatives for this fun  preschool fine motor game.  I grabbed the last two bags left to create some sort of math activity for my preK and K kiddos.  I ended up creating a super cute math inspired sensory bin-- Let's Count Bunnies!

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mini eraser rabbit counting activity

The Easter bunny may be gone, but with the spring weather on its way, I forsee seeing a few bunnies in our yard soon.  I can already hear my daughter when she spots a rabbit, too... "Mama, can I go out and catch it?"  I know if I tell her, "sure" she may just be determined enough to actually catch one! So I gently discourage her if you know what I mean.

These little mini eraser bunnies will just have to suffice!

Mini Eraser Counting Activity

I created a printable with four ten-frames.  This way you are able to work on counting to 40, or beyond if you print out more than one sheet.  You can also use this to practice counting by 5's or 10's.  Ten frames are great for visual learners!

preschool counting sensory bin with mini erasers


To set up this math inspired sensory bin perfect for spring, begin by adding shredded paper to a plastic container; I used a shoe-size container so that it could easily be stored and/or switched out when not in use.

Add in desired amount of mini eraser bunnies and carrot manipulatives and you have made yourself a little carrot patch!

math inspired sensory bin using mini erasers

With the printable handy, encourage your child to dig through the "garden" to find the mini eraser bunnies.  When your child has spotted one, use the tweezers to pick up the bunny and place it in a box on the ten-frame printable--- great way to sneak in fine motor skills!

Continue searching for mini-eraser bunnies and then count!

Click to download the Ten Frames Printable.

If you aren't able to find mini eraser bunnies, the printable can be used with other sets of mini erasers, too!

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