Art & Science: Learn the Parts of a Plant

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Egg cartons happen to be the material of the month over at TinkerLab's Creative Challenge.  I stumbled on the site somehow and was intrigued by the challenge, but had just thrown out a ton of empty egg cartons from my craft stash (because I had yet to use them).  However, a couple days later, an idea hit me!

We are currently rowing, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", and spent a day talking about what plants need to survive and the parts of a plant.  To make learning more hands-on, I wanted to have T make and label the parts of a plant, but I didn't want to go the worksheet route.  That's when the egg carton challenge popped in my head again.  I asked T how about painting egg cartons to make our flower, and he was in total agreement!
egg carton craft
We separated most of the egg cartons into individual pieces, except for the stem.  For the roots we ripped up an egg carton into little pieces.
 I set out some paint and the egg cartons and T went to work painting!
egg carton craft
Once it was all dry, we (I) hot glued the pieces down on two pieces of flat canvases--this way it's a keepsake, too!  T wasn't into writing out the parts of a plant, so he helped me spell them using stickers.
egg carton craft
Have you checked out TinkerLab's Egg Carton Challenge?  It is an on-going linky party, so feel free to add your project at anytime!  There are tons of other wonderful ideas over there, too!  Check it out!
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