Count & Graph Fall Activity


Practice counting and graphing skills with this Free Fall Worksheet!  Count how many pumpkins, apples, and sunflowers you can find in this fun printable activity to be used with preschoolers, Kindergartners, and/or 1st graders.

free fall printable

Have you been searching for some fun fall learning activities?  Today we are sharing a fun & free fall printable worksheet that works on counting and graphing skills.  Sneak in some learning with this unique twist on the classic I SPY game.  We have made a few other themed I SPY & Graph games and my preschooler just "eats them up!"  

Why We Love I SPY Games:

  • great for visual discrimination
  • strengthens visual scanning skills
  • works on counting skills
  • introduces graphing skills
  • fun to play
  • easy boredom buster
  • no-prep!

In this Fall I SPY & Graph Printable your child will search for bare trees, red apples, orange leaves, corn cobs, sunflowers, and orange pumpkins-- all the things that tell us fall is here.

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Free Fall Worksheet

An activity cannot get any simpler than printing it out and counting the items!  YAY! for no-prep activities!!


If you wish to re-use this printable, you'll need:

Just grab a Do A Dot marker or some other type of manipulative and your child is ready to count and mark the graph.

free fall i spy printable

My preschooler loves a good game of I SPY, which is probably why he enjoys these I SPY & Graph games so much.  He doesn't even think twice that I am sneaking in some counting and graphing skills!  Enjoy counting with this free printable worksheet!

This counting & graphing worksheet is also suitable for Kindergarteners or 1st graders.  They may be beyond counting to 10, but this is a great way to introduce graphing skills.  

Ways to extend learning with older children:

After your child has found all the fall items and marked them on the graph, ask questions such as:

What has more?  The Bare Tree or Orange Leaf?
What fall item did you find the Most Of?
What fall item did you find the Least Of?

And if the child can understand simple equations, ask the child how Many More pumpkins (or choose another item) to Make 10?

So many ways to extend learning beyond just counting and graphing the items!

Fall I SPY Answer Key

Just how many of each item can you find?

Your graph should have:
Bare Tree: 4
Apple: 7
Leaf: 2
Corn Cob: 5
Sunflower: 3
Pumpkin: 9

Print this simple fall learning activity today and work on:

Visual Scanning


Number Recognition

Graphing Skills

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