Pumpkin Patch Preschool Math Game


Make learning fun by playing games to reinforce educational concepts.  With a few materials, your preschooler will work on math skills such as counting, 1:1 correspondence, addition and subtraction, and also fine motor skills in our Pumpkin Patch Preschool Math Game.

preschool math game

Preschool Pumpkin Game

To play you'll need:

  • Two empty egg cartons
  • pumpkin manipulatives {our glass pumpkin were purchased from Michael's Craft Store}
  • die

Each player gets an empty egg carton that will be his/her pumpkin patch.

Depending on what skill you choose to work on, the object of the game is to either fill up the pumpkin patch by working on addition or emptying your pumpkin patch thus working on subtraction.

To Play:

Player 1 goes first.  Roll the die and add or take away that many pumpkins in your pumpkin patch.

Continue until the pumpkin patch now has 12 pumpkins or the pumpkin patch has been "picked."

So simple and fun!

This simple preschool math game works on counting, 1:1 correspondence, addition/ subtraction skills, and more!

simple pumpkin patch preschool math game

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