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Sweet and Simple Christmas Cards the Kids Can Make

Rip, tear, design, and glue.  Wrapping paper isn't just for presents, it makes a great material to make Christmas cards with, too!

My kiddos and I made a stack of Christmas cards using some of last year's Christmas wrapping paper to give out to the residents of a nursing home.  Each card was filled with creativity and love.  

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christmas cards kids can make

With several different wrapping paper designs, construction paper, and glue sticks-- my 9, 5, and 4 year old went to town creating several Christmas cards.

Paper was flying, glue sticks were rolling, and kids were shouting, "Hey! I need that...."  It was a beautiful mess.

Kid-Made Christmas Cards


I made a candy cane and wreath on a couple cards I made.  Little Sis worked on designing a Christmas tree.  Little Brother glued wrapping paper all over his card; it looked and was sealed like a present!  And Big Brother added some lovely marker designs to his cards.

Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

The idea is simple-- create Christmas cards using wrapping paper.  You could use scissors to create designs, but I encouraged my kids to just rip the paper into pieces to make their designs to sneak in some fine motor skills--- and who doesn't like to rip a little paper every now and then! Ha!

Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

Add some dot stickers, drawings, etc. etc.  The sky is the limit!

Just present the materials to your kiddos and see what they create!

Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

Before you know it you will have a stack of easy, kid-made Christmas cards to pass out to friends, family, and/or neighbors!

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