Valentines Math for Preschoolers


I love teaching my little ones with fun holiday themed activities.  With Valentine's Day around the corner, build number sense with your preschooler and/or Kindergartner with this simple Valentines Math activity.  Use these counting mats to practice counting numbers 1-10.  This printable will help build number sense, such as: 1:1 correspondence, counting, and number recognition.

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Valentines Math for Preschoolers

These Valentines Math Counting Mats are akin to the concept of flashcards, but way cuter!  Provide your child with small heart manipulatives and your child will work on fine motor skills, too! 

Valentines Math


How to Use These Valentines Math Counting Mats

Print and laminate the printable for durability.  Cut apart the counting mats.

Provide your child with a counting manipulative such as:

Valentines Math

Valentines Math: How to Build Number Sense

Begin by having your young child put the number cards in numerical order 1-10.

Touching the manipulatives as they add them to each mat will expose your child to the concept of +1; the number +1 is the next number; ie. 3+1=4.

Valentines Math for Preschoolers

Help your child build number sense with the "look and say" method.  I find it helpful to have my children repeat after me when I am teaching a new spelling rule, pointing out unknown word, and/or math fact.

Look and point at the number
Say the number
Count out the number on your fingers
Then, add that many hearts to printable math mats.

Continue for numbers up to 10.

Or, Make a Valentines Math Counting Book:

Another way to use this Valentines Math Printable is to make this into a little Valentine's Day Counting Book by using stickers or Do A Dot markers.

Just cut out each number mat and staple the mats together to make a book!

Enjoy this simple math activity with your preschooler this Valentine's Day!


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