Valentine's Day Shape Puzzles


Planning to add some Valentine themed activities and crafts for your little one leading up to Valentine's Day?  Here are some Valentine's Day Puzzles to add to your shelves to work on shape recognition!  They would make a great, low-prep math activity for your toddler or preschooler!

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valentine's day puzzles

Simply cut each heart in half to create a fun and simple matching activity for Valentine's Day!  Little ones will love this festive heart theme valentines game!  

Can your child match the two halves together to make the correct shape?  Play and find out! 

Valentine's Day Puzzles


If you wish (and I highly recommend), laminate the printable for durability and to be re-used at a later date.

Cut each heart in half; to create symmetrical shapes-- cut a vertical line in each shape.  However, you could also cut the hearts in half diagonally, zig-zag, etc!

valentine games

Valentine Game for Little Ones

Once the hearts have been cut into two pieces, simply have your toddler or preschooler try to put them back together again by matching the shape in the middle of each heart.

Some shapes included in this printable are:
  • heart
  • star
  • diamond
  • circle
  • octagon
  • triangle
  • ....

This puzzle matching activity is a great way to work on shape recognition with your little one!

For some extra fun, set up a simple sensory bin filled with rice.. pom poms... shredded paper, etc. and stick the matching halves at random throughout the bin.  Your child will love digging through the bin to find the matching pairs! 

valentines day puzzles

Enjoy!  Hope your child enjoys learning his/her shapes with these simple Heart Puzzles!

>> Click here to download these Shape Matching Heart Puzzles <<

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