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Valentine's Day Printmaking Process Art Activity

Valentine's Day is coming soon.  Here is a simple process art project that your kids will enjoy!  This Valentine's Day Process Art Activity works in some learning about symmetry and overlapping, too!

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Heart Printmaking Process Art Activity

My two oldest kiddos especially love creating with markers, paint, glue, string.... whatever they can get their hands on! And truth  be told, with 5 kiddos and 10 hands trying to get into things, I am not as quick to pull out the art stuff anymore, but this simple process art project is fun for all involved! 

This printmaking project was inspired by something she saw in the Home Art Studio DVD's.  We switched it up to make some Valentine's art instead!  Have fun with this simple Valentine's Day Printmaking Activity.

Valentine's Process Art Activity


Printmaking How-To:

Begin with a quick little lesson on symmetry.  Fold a piece of paper in half and along the folded side, draw half a heart.  Cut along the line.  When finished, open of the piece of paper and show your child the shape; it's a whole heart!  If interested, practice making other shapes with your child.

With the piece of paper that you cut a heart from, trim it up a bit because you will use that heart, too.  I don't know the "artsy" terminology, but you now have two hearts; one "filled" in and a heart template.  Isn't this called something like positive and negative?!?

Heart Printmaking Activity

Designate a paint color for each heart.

My 6 year old chose to use pink and red; pink was used around the heart shape and red was used to fill in the heart template. 

Choose one of the hearts to work with and place it somewhere on another sheet of paper.  Dab the sponge into the paint and sponge either the inside of the heart template or the around the edges of the heart shape.

Heart Art Project for Kids

Continue creating heart shapes by either sponging paint around the heart or inside the heart template.  Make sure not to leave any white spots when sponge painting either heart.

Also, introduce the concept of "over-lapping" by having the hearts over-lap each other all over the page.

Valentine's Day Process Art Activity

Continue until your child is satisfied with their latest Valentine's Day piece of art!  I love that there is no right or wrong way to do this printmaking activity and it introduced the idea of symmetry and overlapping to my 6 year old.

She was thrilled with the way it turned out!

Valentine's Day Process Art Heart Project

It turned out to be a fun and simple Valentine's Day art project!  And this printmaking idea can totally be used with other shapes, too!

heart process art for Valentine's Day

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