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Valentine's Day Secret Message Activity

Send a secret message to your little loved one this Valentine's Day with this fun scavenger hunt!  My preschooler loved finding the hidden colored hearts around the room and discovering the secret message.   Happy Valentine's Day!

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Valentine's Day Secret Message Activity

A sweet book to share with your little one this Valentine's Day is, Guess How Much I Love You.  I received this book at my baby shower with my first born and it has been well loved and read multiple times over in the last ten years.   It is also the Virtual Book Club's (VBC) book of the week.

In addition to reading the book, play this sweet secret message scavenger hunt with your little one this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids


This Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt sneaked in letter recognition, writing skills, colors, and movement!  

Setting up the Scavenger Hunt:

Cut out a large heart from construction paper.  Decide what your secret message will be and "write" out the message with lines.  

For our secret message, I used different colored hearts to decode the message.  Each letter was a different colored heart.  On each heart, I wrote the letter and then on the large heart I placed a colored dot under the line where that letter should go.

** Instead of using colors to decode the message, you could use various symbols/ letters/ characters.

Valentine's Day Secret Message Activity

Next, I hid the hearts around the room.  I tucked the hearts into couch cushions, on our play basketball hoop, on the stairs, etc. 

My son's job was to find all the colored hearts around the room and he loved this part!!  What kiddo doesn't love a good scavenger hunt to find things?!   Well, except when it's one of their shoes, ha!

secret message scavenger hunt

Once all the hearts were found, I showed my son that each color had a letter on it.  We identified the colors and letters together. 

Next, we found the matching colored dot on the larger heart.  On that line he wrote the letter that was on the small colored heart that he found during the scavenger hunt.  Great way to sneak in writing practice!!

Valentine's Day Secret Message Scavenger Hunt

So what did our secret message say?  It said:

I love you!

Valentine's Day Activity for Kids

Such a sweet Valentine's Day activity for my preschooler.  What could be more fun than decoding a secret message this Valentine's?!   

Have fun sending a secret message to your {little} loved one!

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