Sponge Painted Sunflower Craft for Kids


Create your own stunning sunflower with a sponge!  Try this sponge painted sunflower craft to brighten your walls; I just love the vibrant yellow petals!  Add in a few books, and this is an easy craft to learn about these gorgeous yellow flowers.

sunflower craft for kids
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The first year we grew a garden at our (then) new home, I planted sunflower seeds by our garage.  Who knew these tiny little seedlings would grow a few feet taller than the nearby garage door!  They were massive, but oh so gorgeous!  

.... And then because they were so tall, they began to fall over... so coming in and out of the garage was truly an "attack of the sunflowers!"  

Watching them grow from little seeds into these giant flowers was such a fun process for the kids and I!  Definitely try growing your own patch of sunflowers!

Sunflower Craft for Kids

  • sponge
  • scissors
  • cardstock
  • q tip
  • yellow paint
  • black paint
  • glitter

Create your own sunflower prints

As with any painting activity with kids, lay some type of paint mat, newspaper, etc. to protect your table space from paint splatter.  I know from experience ; ) ha! I bought the green mats at our local dollar store.

To set up the activity, cut a 'tear drop' shape from a sponge and provide your child with yellow and black paint, piece of cardstock, and a q-tip.

Paint the sunflower seeds.

Since the center of a sunflower is so large, we opted to create the "seeds" with black paint and q-tip first.  Create a circle with by dipping the q-tip in the black paint and then onto the cardstock.

painting sunflower seeds

Next, create the sunflower petals.

Dip the tear drop sponge into yellow paint and press the sponge onto the cardstock around the black seeds.  Create a circle of petals and if there is room, overlap the petals by sponging more petals.

For a little sparkle, add some yellow and/or orange glitter to the petals.  

Add a stem using green paint and a paintbrush (optional).

painting a sunflower with a sponge

We made two sunflower prints. 

On the turqouise blue background, we sponge painted the petals first but realized the middle of our sunflower was just too small, so... we made another sunflower.  

Don't these stunning sponge painted prints make you happy?! Enjoy this easy sunflower craft with your kids!

sponge painted sunflower craft for kids

After creating your own sponge painted sunflower prints, read a few books to LEARN about sunflowers!  They make the perfect theme for summer and/or fall!

We actually did this craft while learning about Kansas with my 1st grader.  As we "visit" each state, I try to read a book and also add in a craft or activity.  And it just so happens that sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas!

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