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Lilypad Letters | No-Prep Alphabet Game for Preschoolers

Have a little one learning his/her letters?  Print and play this cute and fun frog themed alphabet game!  Your toddler or preschooler will have a "leapin' good time" as they move their frog game piece from lily pad letter to lily pad letter.  Who will win?! Play to find out!

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preschool frog alphabet game

Print and play this no-prep alphabet game during your pond and/or frog themed preschool week!  It can be played many times over and is a great way to help your child learn the letters of the alphabet.  Why not also create an adorable frog life cycle and/or set up a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast frogs and turtles from our Pond Life Homeschool Preschool Theme?!

Add in a few books about frogs and it sounds like you could have lots of froggy fun!!

Frog Alphabet Game for Preschoolers

  • Lilypad Letters Gameboard
  • six-sided die
  • two frog manipulatives

I love simple print and play games!  Just grab a six-sided die or make your own like we did with a foam cube and number it 1-3 or 1-6, and two frog manipulatives; we used the frogs from our Rainforst Toob Set.

preschool letter recognition game

Decide who goes first.  Player 1 rolls the die, jumps that many spaces and reads the name of the letter on the lilypad.

Next player 2 goes.

Continue until one player makes it to the last lilypad first.

Lilypad Letters Preschool Alphabet Game

If you happen upon the letter H, your frog can skip a few letters and hop on over the letter S lilypad.

Or, if your frog lands on letter Y, cross the log to land on letter Z.

hop from lilypad to lilypad learning the alphabet

Extension Ideas:

For an extra challenge, instead of naming the letters you could have your child say the letter sound as he/she jumps from lilypad to lilypad.

Bring out a white board, and have your child write the lowercase letter that matches the letter on the lilypad.

Use this lilypad gameboard as a matching activity with your choice of letter manipulatives.

printable preschool alphabet game for letter recognition

Enjoy this no-prep preschool alphabet game! 

>> Click here to download this LilyPad Letters ABC Game <<

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