Northern Lights Recycled CD Art Project


Whether you are learning about Alaska and/or Arctic region or not, make this fun cd art project creating the Northern Lights.

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CD art project

Over the past school year, my 1st grader and I have traveled around to each of the 50 States.  Along with finding each state on the map and coloring the state's symbols, I tried doing a craft or activity for more hands-on fun. 

When we learned about Arizona, my 1st grader made a cactus art project. 

For Nebraska, we made a tornado in a jar. 

And when we happened upon Alaska, we learned about the Northern Lights and made a cool art project using a recycled CD.

The Northern Lights are also called, " Aurora Borealis " and it is quite a fascinating phenomenon that can be seen in Arctic region. 

CD Art Project

Using a recycled CD, we created our own version of the Northern Lights!


For this art project make sure you are using a blank CD that is new and has nothing on it, or a CD that is scratched and can no longer be used!

cd art project

 You know how you tilt a CD upside down you can see all the pretty rays of color?!  Well, THOSE rays are going to become your Northern Lights!

With a blue marker to represent water, draw a line in the middle of the CD.  Color half of the CD blue.  To make the blue less streak-y, color over the blue water with another shade of blue.

Once your water has been colored in, we will draw a silhouette of a mountain range.

Northern Lights cd art project

Using a black or silver sharpie, draw in your mountains on the other half of the CD.  Make sure to leave room for the Northern Lights to show!

With a green sharpie, draw in trees.  If interested, draw a cabin with a brown sharpie.

cd art project

With your mountain scene drawn in, you can move the CD back and forth and create your own Northern Lights light show! 

cd art project

My 1st grader just thought this was the coolest art project!  It was a fun way to explore the amazing phenomenon called The Northern Lights!

This activity was inspired by an idea in: Hands-On Crafts for Kids: Crafting in the U.S.A

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