Watermelon Garland Craft | DIY Summer Decoration


Feeling a bit crafty and need to spice up your walls with some fun summer decor?  You need to make this adorable Watermelon Garland!

Because, why not?! 

This DIY summer craft is easy for the kids to make and perfect for that BBQ with friends and family or summer birthday party!


There are certain things that are meant for summer, know what I mean?  Like what is summer without fireworks?  Lazy days by the beach?  Fresh fruit?  And summer is simply not summer without watermelon-something!  Whether your sinking your teeth into the juicy fruit or having a watermelon themed party--- watermelon is a must!  So next time you are at the store, pick up a package of paper doilies to make this fun fruit garland! 

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Watermelon Craft



On the paper doily you will make two or three rings of color.  Beginning on the outside of the doily, paint the edges green.

Moving in from the edges, choose another shade of green.  

Now it's time to paint the juicy watermelon flesh using red, pink, or mix the colors together to create various shades.

Paint the middle of the paper doily.

To create the seeds, dip the tip of the paint brush into black paint and press it onto the pink flesh of the watermelon.  If you'd like more sparkle, instead of black paint, glue black sequins on instead!!

Allow the watermelon doilies to dry fully and then carefully peel the doilies away from the mat when you are ready to make your garland.


How to Make Watermelon Garland

To turn the watermelon paper doilies into a strand of garland for a party decoration or home decor bunting, you can do this two different ways.


Watermelon Garland Option #1

Lay out a long piece of string and fold the paper doily watermelons in half over the sting.  Either use glue or a stapler to hold the watermelons in place.  

Watermelon Garland Option #2

Another option is to cut the paper watermelons in half and thread the string into the holes of the doily to make this festive summer fruit garland.  Just be careful as the paper doily is fragile and will rip the holes in the doily if the string is pulled to hard.  You could also use a hole punch and thread the string that way.  


We chose to cut our watermelon paper doilies in half and thread them together with string to make our fruit garland.  Thus we were able to make a longer strand of garland.

Whether you are hosting a watermelon themed party or just need to brighten your walls with this perfect summer fruit, have fun making this DIY Watermelon Garland! 


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