15+ Transportation Books and Activities for Preschoolers


Have a trains, planes, and automobiles obsessed kiddo?!

I do!  And long time ago, Big Brother was fancied with all things cars, monster trucks, airplanes, and trains.  Goodness the child could.not.get.enough of pointing to the sky at an airplane, make truck noises while playing cars, or spotting ever train track asking if a train was coming while driving!  We would even go and sit by an airport and watch the planes come in (and we may or may not have had some pizza and/or ice cream with us- Ha!).  Oh, simple pleasures.

It is so humorous to me that our 2 year old is the same way!

So, I dug through some of our books to bring you our favorite books about planes, trains, and automobiles!!  And of course since we love bringing the story to life with go-along book activities, I've linked a few we have shared before, plus a few more of our favorites from others!
Best Transportation Activities and Books for Kids

We love bringing the story to life with go-along book activities!

There are so many great books to choose from, here's a list to get you started!! 

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Transportation Books for Kids

Plane Activities & Books

Plane Activities to Do:

Train Activities & Books

Train Activities to Do:

Automobile Activities & Books

Automobile Activities:

Automobile Books to Read:

    What are your favorite transportation activities and books for kids?! Did your favorite books make it on our list?

    Transportation Books for Kids


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