Bumblebee Fingerprint Art & Math Activity


I won't lie. With a lot more kiddos in the house, I am not as eager to bring out the paint supplies as I once was.  BUT I'm not ready to throw out the baby with the bath water and get rid of all my supplies... just yet.  Although after I heard my toddler yell, "Mom! Mom!" from the top of the stairs only to see that she was covered in her older brother's neon yellow paint for fishing lures, I might have officially called it DONE, except even with the mess, I just can't.... not yet. 

Because in the middle of the chaos, I know there will be a day that I will NEED that paint (or whatever supply) and I'll kick myself because I got rid of it in one fell swoop.

So here I am, sharing the silver-lining.  Yes, there is one.  

Read on to learn more about our Bumblebee Fingerprint Art and Math Activity-- a fun way to learn and play today!

bumblebee fingerprint art

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With the paint that I almost got rid of, my Kindergartner made some fingerprint art!  

This Bumblebee Fingerprint Art activity also sneaks in some math concepts such as number recognition, counting, and 1:1 correspondence.  Not too many kids I know would pass up on fingerpaint! 

Art + Math = win, win! 
This fingerprint art printable works on counting numbers 1-12;  it includes a page to work on numbers 1-6 and 7-12.

Bumblebee Fingerprint Art

  • Bumbleebee Counting Worksheet 
  • Yellow Fingerpaint
  • Black Marker

supplies for bumblebee fingerprint art

Bumblebee Fingerprint Art and Math

To begin this activity, say and point to the number on each hive.  

When your child is ready, have him/her dip their finger into the yellow paint and make fingerprints near the hive to match the number on the hive.  

So 1 fingerprint near the hive with the number 1.

2 fingerprints near the hive with the number 2.

3 fingerprints near the hive with the number 3....  and so on.  

counting fingerprint bumblebees

Note to self:  Encourage your child to use a thin layer of paint to make their bees, else you may have to take a break once all the bees are made to allow the paint to dry. 

Or if pressed for time, bring out the blow-dryer and have the *adult* use the blow-dryer to help the fingerprint bees dry faster. 

Once the fingerprint bees have dried, time to add some creative detail!  Here's where the fingerprint art comes in! 

bumblebee fingerprint art

Have your child add a set of wings and black stripes to each fingerprint.  

Now the fingerprint bumblebees start to take shape!  Again, reinforce counting with your little one.  

This fingerprint art and math activity is great for preschool or Kindergarten!  Have some hands-on fun exploring math through art! 

Enjoy a little bit of mess... 

... a little bit of math.... 

in a fun, hands-on learning experience! 

>> Grab your Bumblebee Fingerprint Art and Math Activity HERE <<

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