Back to School Cut and Paste Math Worksheets


Kids will practice making patterns and strengthen fine motor skills by using scissors and glue with these free cut and paste math worksheets-- perfect for back to school time!

cut and paste math worksheets

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Scissors and glue.

Two materials ALL kids love.  Seriously. 

From my toddler to preschooler to my too cool tweenager... I can never have enough scissors and glue!

If my older kiddos need to use scissors and glue, my littles "need" to as well.  Thus I've put together a way for young preschoolers and kindergartners to use those materials in an appropriate way (versus cutting hair, their clothes, etc.... not that I would have any experience with this! LOL!) while practicing making patterns-- an important early math skill!  

Cut and Paste Math Worksheets

Scissors and glue are great materials to use to strengthen fine motor skills.  In this collection of cut and paste worksheets, your preschool and/or Kindgergarten child will practice making ABAB, ABB, and AAB patterns.  

The colorful school themed clipart is perfect for back to school season!

  • cut and paste worksheets
  • scissors
  • glue
practice scissor skills

The colorful clipart is perfect for this Back to School season-- whatever that looks like for your child.  


If your child loves scissors and glue like mine, also check out this cut and paste activity:

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Grab your Back to School themed cut and paste math worksheets here!


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