Apple Color Words Printable


Apple picking season is in full swing over here, so in keeping with an apple theme I've created a simple way to teach and reinforce color names with a new printable for you! Check out this apple color words printable you can use with your preschool or Kindergarten kiddo(s)!

apple color words printable
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We have many fun apple picking memories from picking alongside some mom friends, with grandparents, and our co-op.  Around here several farms do not charge an entrance fee, but if you want to go into the fields EVERYONE in the party has to pay for a bag of apples.  Once loaded into the car and brought home it never ceases to amaze me how FAST we go through 5+ bags of apples in a matter of weeks.... and that is simply by eating them! 

The apples never turn themselves into a freshly baked pie or applesauce.  It is straight up eating around here and/or apples dipped into a glob of peanut butter-- nothing fancy! 

But all that to say that this apple color words printable is perfect for this apple picking season! 

Teach your child color words with this color and trace printable.  One version includes the color word IN color and I've also included a regular black and white version.  With this color words printable, your child will work on recognizing colors, reading the color word, and practicing letter formation by tracing the word.  

Enjoy adding this activity to your apple themed activities! 

Apple Color Words Printable 

Just print the worksheet and provide your child with some type of material to color and trace the words with:

color words printable worksheet

Apple Extension Ideas

"Apples" are a fun fall theme to plan your learning activities around.  If you are familiar with Five in a Row, check out the fun we had with How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. 

Along with this apple color words printable, you might enjoy these fun apple activities:

apple color words printable

Color Names Worksheet

As I mentioned above, this apple color words worksheet includes a version with colored words and one for older students that has plain black text.  

Both versions allow your child to color in the apple and trace the color word.

Enjoy this simple learning activity today!  Just print, color, & trace! 

teaching color words to Kindergarten

For a more hands-on, tactile learner here is another way to teach color words using clothespins

Grab this freebie here >> Apple Color Words Printable 

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