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School is out. Summer is in!

Well actually at the time of this post, summer is almost over and school is just around the corner... say what?@$%!!

I'm not sure exactly how that happened! I suppose the saying is right, "time flies when you are having fun"  (or because you're cooped up in the house because of the "Rona").  Irregardless, this'll be a summer many of us will remember for a long time to come whether we want to or not!

With all that said and many of us hanging out at home, reading books can be a great way to escape to a far off place without leaving your couch.

Do your kids wonder what it was like in medieval times?  Have them read The Knight at Dawn.

Do they love science and magical creatures?  Check out Zoey and Sassafrass.

Want to know more about a famous person?  Look into the Who Was Series?

Summer is the perfect time to allow the kids to reinforce reading skills, get lost in a story, and cultivate a love for reading.

summer reading challenge printables

To keep the kids reading this summer use one or all of these fun summer reading challenge printables.

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As it has happened many times in the past, I began with one idea and almost like magic the summer reading challenge printable I had in mind turned into multiple reading challenges!  I hope you are able to enjoy one or all of them with your children/ students!

In this summer reading challenge pack you'll find:
  • Summer Reading Bingo
  • Read & Color 10 Book Challenge
  • Read & Color 5 Books Bookmark
  • Stackable Ice Cream Reading Chart
  • Summer Reading Log 

Summer Reading Challenge Bingo Printable

Who doesn't love a good game of BINGO?!  This colorful printable makes reading fun by challenging your child to read in various places, to various people, and to explore different genres.

For an added incentive, once your child has 5 in a row, make a special treat! Or check out a new book from the library!

Summer Reading BINGO Printable

Read & Color 10 Books Summer Reading Challenge

This printable includes 10 black and white ice cream cones that your child can color upon reading a book.

Turn this into a reading log by adding the title of the book to the ice cream cone and then color the cone to complete!

Again, add in the incentive of a treat or special day out once all 10 ice cream cones have been colored in!

Read & Color Summer Reading Challenge Printable

Read & Color 5 Books Summer Reading Challenge Bookmark

This printable includes 4 bookmarks.  Print on sturdy cardstock and/or print on copy paper and then cut and glue the bookmark to a colorful piece of cardstock for extra color.  

Hole punch the top to add a colorful tassel to keep your place in your book.  

This bookmark challenge is set up to read 5 different books over the summer.  Upon finishing a book, your child can color in an ice cream scoop.  

Stackable Ice Cream Reading Chart

How many ice cream scoops can you add before the summer is over?  Add a scoop of ice cream for every book your child reads.  Hang it on the wall and see how high/ how many books your child can read this summer.  

On each ice cream scoop, your child will write the name of the book he/she completed and if they choose, he/she can color it, too!  

ice  cream reading chart for summer reading challenge

Summer Reading Log Printable

Finally, included in our summer reading challenge printable pack is a basic but colorful summer reading log.

Using this reading log, your child will log the title and author and then rate the book using the smiley faces.

1 smiley face means your child wan't a fan of the book.

5 smiley faces means this book was an awesome read.

Hope you can enjoy one or all of these fun ice cream themed reading challenge printables, which are perfect for encouraging your child to read this summer!

.... if you are not interested in keeping in touch (no bad feelings! promise!), you can grab the printables in our Summer Reading Challenge Pack HERE!

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