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Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter B


Tot School Letter B Activities

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Little Sis's Bb shelf started like this at the beginning of the week, but the stamps and See and Spell puzzle were a bust.  She actually loves her Mix & Match Teddy Bears by Ravensburger, but after a day of taking them out and spreading them out all over the floor, she was done : )  Nonetheless, we had fun doing some crafts, sorting, building, and playing!!

Finding the B's in birdseed.
Thanks again 1+1+1=1 for this great series!

Though she completed the activity, I think she was more interested in the bird seed!  And FYI... make sure if playing with bird seed inside, you put it away in a sealed bag or something afterwards.  The bird seed smell filled our entire basement because I left it out! Ugh!

Big brother actually completed this for her! Ha!  
Worksheet from 1+1+1=1

Artsy Fun {B is for Bird}
I printed off an image of a bird and she had fun squeezing globs of glue and adding feathers...
Then I crumbled up a paper bag for the birdies nest.  

Again having fun and asserting her independence by using the glue all by herself!  Then we added some tissue paper squares.  

Butterfly Size Sort from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  It is so interesting to me that when I use words like, "big" and "little" she has no interest in this type of activity-- but changing my words to "baby" (for small), "momma" (for medium) and "daddy" (large) butterfly, she will actually sit and complete the task!
I recently purchased some Teddy Counters to have on hand and they were perfect for this sorting activity.  First we started by putting the colored bears inside the shape.... 

and a few minutes later, we used them to outline the shape.
I thought she'd enjoy this type of activity better with stickers, so I added two little dots to the stickers so they looked like buttons.  It was inspired by Teaching Mama's Star Number Cards.

Build A Bb Activity
I cut shapes from black sparkly foam and had Little Sis use them to build an uppercase and lowercase B

Don't you just love to hear your little one giggle?!  I do!!  And as simple as this game was, it brought tons of giggles.  Using these cute little alpha blocks, we each took turns adding a block to build a tower-- and adding in some dramatic sayings like, "Oh no!"  and "Don't let it fall" got this little girl giggling.  
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