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Hands-on Grammar Activity for Kids: Go on a Noun Hunt!

My 1st Grader has been learning about Sentence types, and most recently nouns.  The curriculum we have been using this year suggested going on a noun 'scavenger' hunt, and that is just what we did!

This activity was so fun!  He loved the 'scavenger' hunt part of the activity; adding in some type of 'game' element to learning makes learning much more hands-on!


So, grab some post it notes and go on a noun hunt!  I wrote several different nouns on the post it notes and 'hid' them around the house.  We walked the house singing this song/ chant:

We are going on a noun hunt
Person, place, or thing....
Oh look, a ______ (place)!

please ignore the ginormous pile of laundry you see ; ) 

Once  my son found the post it note, he grabbed it and put it on a piece of paper to help us sort through all our nouns.
Do you have any fun ways to learn about nouns?   Please share!

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