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5 Awesome Ways to Make Counting Fun!

Little Sis enjoys counting right now and coincidentally most counting activities involve fine motor skills!  Counting often involves pointing or playing with small manipulatives, so today I am sharing 5 different fine motor inspired counting activities for your toddler and/or preschooler.

Fine motor counting activities

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Number Pound & Marble Counting
Inspired by the TouchMath counting method, I wrote the numbers 1-5 on a large piece of styrofoam.  I pushed said amount of golf tees in each number and invited Little Sis to pound away; she LOVED this.  Her little face just lit up as she hammered away at the golf tees.  Once she pounded every golf tee in the styrofoam, she concentrated hard to balance the tiny marbles on each tee.
She also worked on that pincer grasp as she tried pulling the golf tees out of the foam.

Rings on Fingers 

Sticky Hands Counting Tool
Truth be told, I loved this activity more than Little Sis did.  She did enjoy giving a high five to the sticky hands though!  I traced my hands on contact paper and then taped the hands- sticky side up- onto our tray.  I wrote the numbers 1-10 on each finger and supplied Little Sis with tiny sparkly pom poms to place on each finger.

Counting with Clothespins
If you have followed along Little Sis's Tot School journey, this activity may look familiar.  For Tot School: Letter Z, I set up plain clothespins/pegs and a box.  Little Sis was encouraged to line them on the box and she did the activity several times.  Fast forward a week and I turned it into a counting activity by writing the numbers on each pin and writing the corresponding numbers 1-10 on the box so Little Sis could match them. 

So many fun ways to incorporate fine motor skills into everyday learning activities!

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