Easy DIY Alphabet Wall for $1

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If you follow along with us on our homeschooling journey, you may know that Little Sis loves counting and the alphabet has been a distant second favorite.  Well recently, she has really taken to LOVE singing the alphabet anytime, anywhere.  To facilitate her love for letters, I set up an easy alphabet wall to keep the alphabet in view almost at all times.
diy alphabet wall using flashcards
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I remember my sister-in-law telling me she put up some alphabet flashcards in her hallway, and whenever her and her son walked through they would point to one, two, more letters of the alphabet.  I thought it was such a clever and easy idea, so I set it up for us, too!

DIY Alphabet Wall  

We actually have a set of cute alphabet stickers on the wall in our schoolroom, but that is more for decor purposes and they don't stand out very much.  They also aren't placed where we can easily make them a casual part of our day.  But I picked up a cute set of Alphabet flashcards from the Dollar Store and some tape and we now have an alphabet wall leading to our basement-- so every time we walk up or down the stairs, the letters are right there!

Once it was all taped up, I called Little Sis over who coincidentally had a cape on... Alphabet Girl was Here! So for fun I called out a few letter and pictures to see if she could find them; she also got a bit o a workout climbing up and down the stairs to find the letters!  

simple flashcard alphabet wall

Do you have any fun and simple ways to teach the Alphabet?  I'd love to hear!

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