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Simple Pincer Grasp Fine Motor Activity

To set up your own super simple fine motor activity, grab a bunch of clothespins and basket.  

If you do not have a similar basket like I have shown, this could easily be set up on a shoebox, or wire basket.

simple clothespins fine motor activity


Simple Toddler Fine Motor Skills Activity

Simply arrange the clothespins all over the wire basket.  We used three different sized clothespins, but one size would work just the same.  

Invite your child over to come work on that pincer grasp and take those clothespins off! {p.s. my daughter's skin is not falling off... we got a little bit messy with the glue right before this activity : )}

simple toddler fine motor skills activity

 My daughter really LOVED the teeny tiny colorful clothespins; she said they were "so cute."

To extend this activity you could also have your child sort them into different sizes, but Little Sis didn't want to do that.

She was more interested in taking all the tiny clothespins off and hoarding them!

clothespin fine motor skills activity

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