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Art Project for Five in a Row's Daniel's Duck

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A few days ago I shared our Guess the Emotion Game we played as a Social Studies activity for the book, Daniel's Duck.  I didn't have enough pictures to compile the week in one post, so I decided to share another highlight of our week; our art activity-- Soap Carving!  Daniel's Duck is part of Five in a Row Volume 3.
soap carving

The night before my Dear Hubby went to the store and he was probably a bit perplexed over why I would request a pack of bar soap!  It's not something we have on hand, ya know?! But he came home with three bars in hand, which was perfect for this activity!

Soap Carving Kid Craft

I suggested that my son make a fish.  My 3 year old daughter also had a hand at carving, but I pretty much did it for her.  We decided on a butterfly.  The third bar of soap was scrapped.... carving fail ; ) 

To practice our carving skills like Daniel, I gave my son a bar of soap and some random tools to help carve at the soap.  To begin, make an outline of what your final project should be and cut that part away.  Once you have your object carved from the soap, add in the details.  And since it is 3-dimensional, think about what the top, sides, bottom, and back of your object look like, too!

Our finished products!

This was probably our favorite activity of the week!  It was a great memory-maker and something I am sure we'll remember for quite some time!

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