Fun and Playful Game to Explore Emotions With Kids

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We began the second half of our school year rowing the book, Daniel's Duck by Clyde Robert Bulla.  Our Five in a Row guide suggested talking about different emotions as a Social Studies topic.  To also work on language skills with my 7 year old, we made up a game called "Guess the Emotion."
diy activity to build language skills and emotional awareness

Emotions Game for Kids

You play it similar to the game TABOO, where the object of the game is to have the other play guess the word on their card without the other person using that word.

So for "angry," I may have said, "You might feel this way when someone eats the last cookie..." etc... 

I used the emotion cards I found at Teacher Treasures.  

I just printed the cards out and cut them up.  We took turns pulling a card out of the bowl and had 30 seconds to try and get the other person to guess the emotion on the card just by giving verbal cues.  

It was fun!  

Check out our Five in a Row page for more ideas and detailed rows!

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