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Free Shapes Printable Pack: Includes 8 Different Activities!

Looking for some cute and fun and FREE printables to teach and reinforce shapes to your toddler and/or preschooler?

Simply download our latest and first SHAPES Printable Pack containing eight different activities reinforcing simple shapes- circle, square, star, rectangle, and triangle.

free shapes worksheets

Shapes Printable Pack 

Shapes Pack includes:
  • Shape puzzles: Laminate and cut for your child to piece back together OR use the activity to have your little one practice cutting!
  • Trace the Line: Pre-writing activity
  • Shadow Matching Memory Game
  • Sizing activity: Practice sorting from Big to Little
  • Name that Shape Game!
  • Do A Dot Shapes
  • Counting Shapes #1-5
  • Match the Shapes Coloring Activity

Download your Shapes Pack HERE! Enjoy!!

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