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Candy Corn BINGO Game for Preschoolers

We are big fans of BINGO around here {see Color & Shape Button Bingo, Multiplication Bingo, Fractions Bingo}; it is such a simple game that can be played just for fun or be used to sneak in some learning concepts-- and that is just what we did for our Creative Preschool Corn Theme.

Our printable Candy Corn Bingo Game works on fine motor skills, color recognition, and is guaranteed to be a fun game for your preschooler! 
Work on fine motor skills, color recognition, and just have some fun with our printable Candy Corn Bingo Game!
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The game will need some prep work from you and your preschooler.  Your preschooler will be making his/her own game board and will get some practice using scissors and glue.

Preschool BINGO Game Printable

 Begin by printing out the pages of our Candy Corn Bingo Game.  You'll need a game board and a sheet of candy corn for each player and an extra set of candy corn "call" cards.  It would be best to laminate the calling cards for durability, but for extra flair I also added construction paper to the back.

Have your preschooler cut the candy corn squares apart and assemble on his/her game board with glue.

Once the game boards are ready, it is time to play!  Provide bingo chips or some other type of manipulative to be game markers.

 Place the drawing cards in a cup and draw a card.  Place a manipulative on the matching candy corn.  First player to get three in a row calls, "Bingo!" and is the winner.
Candy Corn Graphics by Ashley Hughes | Border clipart from Dancing Crayons Designs

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