I SPY Printable for Kids: Easter Eggs

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I fell in love with this pastel easter egg clipart and new it was perfect to use for our latest I SPY Printable.  How many of each easter egg can you find?  Hope your child enjoys our Free Easter Egg I SPY Printable Game.

Fun Easter themed I SPY Printable!

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These fun free printables are great to use for your learning and play activities.  I SPY Games work on important skills like, visual discrimination and scanning.  They also work on math skills such as counting.

Have your child write the numeral, tally mark, or number word for each easter egg.  Enjoy!

The pastel colors and polka dot and chevron design make me think of Spring; it is just around the corner, right?

Click to download your I SPY Easter Eggs Printable
Easter Egg I SPY Printable made with Clipart Licensed to Little Miss i and Hello CurlyQ Font licensed to Jen Jones.
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