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Princess Emergent Reader Using Sight Words I and See

Have an emerging reader in your house that loves princesses??  I do!  Help your emerging reader gain confidence in reading her own book using sight words, I and see on every page.  

Your beginning reader will love this Princess Sight Words Reader.

Emergent reader using sight words I and See

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Print out the I See Princesses Emergent Reader and cut apart to make a small booklet of 11 pages.

Printable Sight Words Emergent Reader

Staple or punch holes into the side of the emergent reader to make a book.

Show your child her new story she can read all by herself; snuggle on the couch and enjoy your little one reading her first Princess Sight Words Reader!

Printable Sight Words Emergent Reader

Each page of the Princess Sight Words Reader contains the words, I see (name of princess) with a picture of a well-known Disney Princess to help her decode the princess's name that is written on that page.

This sight words reader contains ten pages plus the title page.

I hope your child delights in reading this sight words reader!